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Mold Allergy & Asthma Basics

Mold spores also float in the air, and they are invisible to the naked eye. In a mold-infested house, many types of harmful mold spores float around. Spores that you, without a doubt, inhale. Spores that can enter your lungs and make you short of breath, most commonly known as asthma.

The beginning of the simple mold allergy is, again, not that alarming and is. Because of this, people tend to ignore itchy eyes or a runny nose, blaming it on the common cold sometimes. Ignorance can come at a great price since complications from mold allergies are also common.

The Most Comprehensive Mold Facts & Information



Mold spores also float in the air, and in a mold-infested house, many types of harmful mold spores float around.



Moreover, mold spores are also the cause of fungal infections. Your digestive tract or the skin, together with the lungs


Lab Reports

The Laboratory team can take care of the black mold samples from your house, no matter how bad it is.



We can locate professionals and the newest treatments at the highest standards eliminating the dangers of mold

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When it comes to your home, the dangers of mold are not obvious at first. You might see some dark spots on the wall or something similar moisture stains. If you ignore those spots, they will continue to grow on the walls, flooring or ceiling, and completely infest your house.


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Ignoring mold that forms in and around the house premises can have hard repercussions. Experts say there is over 300,000 types of mold, most of which are dangerous for your health when found growind indoors.

You can find mold anywhere there is humidity, light, and warmth. This makes a house with poor ventilation, leaks, and wet spots a death trap for its inhabitants.

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